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The coaching model is a basic guide for coaches to help them decide what to focus on and what intervention method to choose. As the coach himself is the main instrument in the coaching process, he should do his best to be in the best possible condition. Therefore, good coaching models also provide knowledge for the personal development and growth of the coach. The Empiric Coaching Model aspires to become such a useful guide for anyone who wants to apply coaching skills in a professional or private context.

The Base of Empiric Coaching

The essence of Empiric Coaching is self-empowerment. Self-empowerment on both sides - coached and also coach.


Empiric Coaching Model is a simple coaching model inspired by Empiricism and current knowledge of human mind and its' processes. The model is formulated in a way, so it is easily accessible also to people in Agile environment. The model does belong to a family of systemic and solution focused approaches. It considers different capacities of human mind in relation to experienced reality. The very main goal of applying Empiric Coaching Model is to support self-empowerment of the client by clients' experimenting and mindful change.


​Empiric Coaching Model inspires coaches to gradual self-improvement, inner stability and strength. On that basis is coach invited to a simple and pragmatic coaching practice applied in coaching moments or professional coaching practice, which supports clients' self-empowerment and achievement of goals.

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