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Practical and specific

We are presenting a series of workshops on Empiric Coaching and its application in professional settings. We also offer workshops that relate to coaching skills, their practical application and development, and that deliver the continuing education required by the ICF. 


Typical workshop length is 2.5 hours - ideal for a Community of Practice event.

Recommended group sizes are up to 16 people and are designed to be facilitated both online and on-site

Experimental Mindset

​Learn how to use the power of mistakes and successes to grow by developing an experimental mindset. Workshop is entry to the topic of Empiric Coaching and experimenting. During this workshop participants learn about problem solving strategies, and they investigate their own tendencies in particular situations. Participants also learn how to develop and apply experimenting mindset based on growth mindset not only for themselves but also in the context of organization. This workshop is recommended as the first one in series, as all others use experimental mindset as a base for participants to apply all gained knowledge and experience in actual practice.

Coaching competencies in Agile organization

Learn what coaching competencies are, what the difference between professional coaching and agile coaching is, mentoring, supervision, leading or people management in an agile organisation. Participants learn the difference between different types of interventions and what they have in common. We practice micro coaching moment facilitation based on a very simple model. We also learn, in what moments the micro coaching intervention does bring better results compared to typical reactions. The workshop is suitable for anybody who does work and communicates with people.

Sentences which change all meetings

2,5 hours, 12 people max.


Learn how to setup the context of the meeting or conversation.

Transparency in roles, processes and goals highly supports the desired outcome of every cooperation, meeting or conversation. In this workshop participants learn how to facilitate a meeting or a conversation with mutual agreement, which significantly raises the usefulness of the meeting. 

Art of Feedback

2,5 hours, 12 people max.


Learn how to be the influential factor in feedback culture development.

The way of providing feedback in the organization is one of the key factors in the ability to make useful changes from product, through internal communication to the way physical facilities operate.
From applied knowledge of systemic theory we know that the whole dynamic system changes when one of the parts of the system changes. This workshop trains participants in a skill of positive influencing the organization (as system) in regards to feedback culture.

Subjective and Objective Metrics

2,5 hours, 12 people max.


Learn how to effectively use metrics in a team and an organization.

Correctly set metrics and their proper measurement is probably the most important way of gaining transparency in organization. This leads to higher flexibility and value production. There are many different metrics. Some of them are more suitable for subtle coaching work, some of them for pragmatic comparison and strategic decision. During this workshop participants learn to distinguish between them. We will focus on typical subjective metrics (as story points, velocity, happiness index) and learn how not to misuse them but use them in the most effective way to support progress and value production.

After-Workshops: Group Mentoring of Coaching session

2,5 hours, 12 people max.


Reflect practical experience and learning, assess your situation, possibilities, find out what else you can experiment with.

Group mentoring sessions are recommended about 2 weeks after taking a workshop. The session is focused on the topic from the workshop, and it serves as a platform to discuss and investigate findings and challenges. Our experience shows that taking one mentoring session does increase the effectiveness of invested time more than 3 times, two following sessions more than 5 times (participants connect theoretical knowledge and personal experience from the workshop with direct professional application).

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